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Spring, that magical season where optimistic bulbs burst through the thawing ground and tiny buds hold the promise of…of…ACHOOO! Pollen — okay, and rain showers, spring flowers, baby birds, and…150 words.

That’s right, Gentlepeople, start your pencils! It’s time to fling your words into the Spring Fling ring!

For three magical days (April 1-3) writers can enter the Spring Fling KidLit writing contest, hosted by two of the busiest people in Kid Lit, Ciara O’Neal, and Kaitlyn Sanchez, with the hopes of winning one of these fabulous prizes.

Below is my entry. I actually wrote it last year along with one about worms falling in love, it was called “Soil Mates”. I had to choose. I chose the worms one. But alas, the little love worms didn’t squirm their way into the hearts of the judges. Anyway, I revised this pretty spring ditty and here it is.

“love-hug” gif by rose25123 (Tenor)

WHEEEE!!! (134 words)
©Audrey Day-Williams

A chubby little hand 
fills a feeder high with seeds
that are gobbled by a jay 
who then poops them in the weeds. 

          The earthworms weave their soil 
          'round the seedlings snuggled tight
          to protect the tiny seeds 
          from the winter's chilly bite.

The spring sun warms the earth 
waking up the sleepy seeds
that the bluejay dropped last fall 
as she flew above the weeds.

          The seedlings heave a sigh 
          as their hulls split into two
          so their roots can scramble deep 
          setting anchors strong as glue.

Little sprouts spring from the seeds
to unfurl their newborn leaves
soon their summer blooms play host
to waltzing butterflies and bees.
          Wind rustles through the field 
          a few new seeds catch the breeze
          and the autumn air is filled 
          with the hum of little, “WHEEEEES!”


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