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Spring, that magical season where optimistic bulbs burst through the thawing ground and tiny buds hold the promise of...of...ACHOOO! Pollen -- okay, and rain showers, spring flowers, baby birds, and...150 words. That's right, Gentlepeople, start your pencils! It's time to fling your words into the Spring Fling ring! For three magical days (April 1-3) writers… Continue reading #SpringFlingKidLit

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We Made a Halloween Game!

The Trick-or-Treaters are Coming from Inside the House! I co-created a Halloween game for kids with my brilliant and funny artist-friend Creedance Kenna. Comment below and get entered to win a beautiful board on recycled canvas plus a full set of black & white trick or treat game cards. (US only) Bonus entries for retweeting… Continue reading We Made a Halloween Game!