Kidlit Writing Contests


Well, I love a good prompt, even if the prompt is to write a story in 50 words or fewer. Of course, when faced with such a daunting task of writing a story in 50 words, it makes sense to tackle an entire extinction event and throw in some cake. Welcome to my brain, folks.

By the time I got this post up on the site, the winners were announced and my itty bitty METEOR story was not among them (womp, womp). Am I sad? A little, sure, but so many writing friends were winners and it’s pretty fun to celebrate their wins. ALSO, if I hadn’t participated, this little story would never have come to life. So yay!

Read more about the 50 Precious Words contest on the incredibly talented Vivian Kirkfield’s Blog.

METEOR! (49 words)
©Audrey Day-Williams

Roxy saved her slice of cake ‘til it turned green and furry.
She loved that moldy flavor, and she saw no need to hurry.


Roxy was a dinosaur; alas, we know her fate.
If she could do it over I bet Roxy wouldn’t wait. 


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