Kidlit Writing Contests

Legendary Valentine

It’s my first post on my new, still-under-construction-site, and also my first time tossing my 214 words (or fewer) in the ring for for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 6th annual Valentiny contest!

You can read more about the contest and other itty bitty writing contests on Susanna’s blog.

Legendary Valentine (194 words)
©Audrey Day-Williams

Hot sauce comes from Dragons’ tears
Fairies sneeze confetti
Leprechauns burp rainbows
But I am just a Yeti.
Sometimes I smell like moldy cheese
My feet are big and sweaty
Can you find room inside your heart
To love this hairy Yeti?

    Circle one: 

“This valentine’s to Unicorn?
She'll get a ton, no doubt.
Yeti,” Nessie sighed, 
“you’ve got to make yourself stand out!
For example,” Nessie gushed,
"you brighten up the room.
And did you know when you walk past,
frozen flowers bloom?
You’re not only a legend but
your farts smell sweet like pie.
And when you tell your Yeti-jokes
I laugh so hard I cry.”

“Nessie, I had no idea—”
Yeti’s cheeks turned red.

Bravely, Nessie blurted,
“I meant every word I said!
Yeti, I have held this in
until my heart turned blue.
I worried things would get all weird
and awkward if you knew.
I know my poop’s not sparkly,
I have no golden horn…”

Yeti interrupted,
“This note’s not for Unicorn.”
He handed her the envelope,
she stared at the address.
A serpent tear ran down her cheek.

To: Nessie, at Loch Ness.

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